Small Group Instruction is our Focus at Peninsula Preparatory Academy

It goes without saying, your child means the world to you. That’s why at Peninsula Preparatory Academy we see ourselves as an extended family. Our greatest strength has been and will be, our small group instruction. Small group instruction allows our teachers to provide individualized attention to our scholars in addition to differentiation. 

With a focus on small group instruction, every student receives the individualized education they need to succeed. By keeping the instructional groups small:  

  • Each student is given the focus and attention they deserve. 
  • Teamwork and collaboration in these small groups are easily implemented.
  • Confidence in positive communication becomes normal for each student.
  • Self-reflection and self-awareness are discovered. 
  • Openness and understanding are firmly ingrained for their future educational development.

We know that we are nurturing the future individuals that will someday be the leaders of our community. 

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Our Mission

By creating a rigorous, academic environment with high expectations and a focused and challenging curriculum, PPA engages its scholars, parents, and the community as crucial partners to create a nurturing school culture where every child achieves personal academic excellence and a demonstrated intrinsic motivation for learning while demonstrating the strength of character.

Our Vision

Our vision is to firmly maintain a school environment that has high expectations for every child and challenges each child too, not only surpass all the Common Core State Standards but, also to discover the unique talents and attributions they have to contribute to the world. In order for our vision to be realized We believe philosophically that every child must be provided first with a strong foundation in the academician – specifically Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. The scholar’s exploration of the academics must be interwoven with higher-order thinking processes, including but not limited to: problem-solving, analytical reasoning, inference, evaluation, and creation. Our scholars will practice these skills by engaging in challenging work such as conducting experiments using scientific methodology; exploring cultures and histories using primary documents, engaging in conversations about classical literature; analyzing great works of art; speaking a foreign language, and appreciating musical/theatrical compositions. The educational experience the scholars receive at Peninsula Preparatory Academy will provide them with the academic foundation and confidence necessary to successfully navigate through life’s journey as critical thinkers and life-long learners.




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Founded in 2004, Peninsula Preparatory Academy is a charter school for students in grades kindergarten through 5th grade. Located in Far Rockaway, New York.

Peninsula Prep is firmly rooted in its people. Teachers “Mentors” and students that find joy in discovering new things. With a kind faculty that nurtures, challenges, and most importantly, encourages them.  

Considerate, Curious, Kind, And Always Willing To Learn: During the formative years of a child, these lessons are taught as a first instinct. For this, Peninsula Prep students are encouraged to always be kind, and help one another. 

Inclusion is a core component and a vital ingredient to our success.  Students from different backgrounds as well as teachers foster new insights and perspectives.  

Enlightening our world one student at a time and laying the foundation for educational excellence. 

It would have to be our focus on small group instruction.  

With small group instruction, our teachers can give more personalized attention to your child and differentiate the instruction to meet your child’s needs.

This allows our students to feel comfortable, accepted, and valued.

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