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Our Greatest Strength is Small Group Instruction

When considering opportunities in education, big things come from our small group instruction. Here at Peninsula Preparatory Academy, we have a very tight-knit campus. Like a family, you are close to everyone. Your curiosity and imagination will shape this community of mentors and peers. In return you will be shaped by it.

If you believe your child would be a good fit, succeed in a peaceful and warm environment,

About Us

When the idea for Peninsula Prep was birthed in 2004, one of the issues that was plaguing our community was indiscipline and disruptive classrooms which meant that academics suffered. In order to create an environment that fostered learning and that gave the students the best chance to thrive, Peninsula Prep was determined to take a different approach.

As a charter school we relied heavily on the power of collaboration to ensure that the families were as invested in our students’ success as we were. Now, collaboration is baked into our school culture, so much so that we’ve committed to having no less than 2 teachers per class. With two teachers, not only do students get more one-on-one time, but teachers work together and support each other while teaching. When you have teachers who are less stressed, you make room for student success.

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